Contents: Section I

Section I: Introduction and an Addressing of Conceptual Themes

Editorial Introduction – ABSTRACT
Why Extreme Island Tourism. The inverse relationship between tourism and latitude. The concept of a cold water island. Rationale, Justification, Methodology, Spinoffs (Godfrey Baldacchino).

Human Resource Issues – ABSTRACT
Labour Market Features, Sourcing, Recruitment, Retention, Training, Career Progression, Flexible Specialization. (Thomas G. Baum)

Sustainability Issues – ABSTRACT
Nature representation in island tourism profiling. Ecological issues in typically fragile habitats. Waste management policies and practices. Sustainability concerns. Do ‘cold water’ island locations have specific environmental concerns? (Jerome McElroy & Bruce Potter).

Promotional Issues – ABSTRACT
How does one promote destination difference and link it to “cold islandness”? How does one develop tourism and link it with ‘islandness’, location, size and ‘island culture’? How does one get this particular message across, targeting and profiling actual and potential clients in terms of matching island attributes with the motivational needs of visitors? How does one portray “friendly natives” living in a hostile natural environment? How does one develop the proper discourse on “island” and “extremeness”? (Graham M.S. Dann).

Seasonality Issues – ABSTRACT
Should seasonality be embraced, tolerated or challenged? Is being cold all the year round a condition that could eliminate seasonality? (Lee Jolliffe & Regena Farnsworth).

Accessibility Issues
How does change in access over time affect tourism patterns? Would islandness help preserve difference and diversity in an age of creeping and homogenizing globalization? Can tourism management become more sustainable and site-specific in this way? Does island boundedness, with the obvious physical difficulties associated with access, act as a blessing rather than a barrier to long-term tourism development? What happens to island tourism when islands become bridged to a mainland, or get an international airport or a cruise ship terminal? (Jan Lundgren).

Epilogue: Contrasting Coldwater and Warmwater Island Tourist Destinations – ABSTRACT
Role and Character of cold water island tourism, in relation to ‘islandness’, space-time compression and globalization. Sustainability: Mass versus Niche. Quantity versus Quality. Is the move from the latter to the former inevitable and just a question of time? Tourism Development and Tourism Planning. Host-Guest encounters. Wisdom of diversification strategies. Long-term impact of global warming? (Richard Butler).