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Island Studies is an interdisciplinary program designed to promote an understanding of selected features of the world’s small islands, including their geographies, ecologies, cultures, political systems, histories, and societies.

Over the past several years, the study of islands has been growing in scope and stature. Through coursework, research, and projects, students around the world have come to think of the world as “a world of islands,” and to not just think about islands, but to think with them.

  • Island Studies: A global classroom
    Bringing islands of the world (and our world of islands) into the classroom.
    As part of our approach to global thinking and outreach, we have established linkages with other researchers and scholars from island universities throughout the world. We have a number of “institutional handshakes” in place, with MOAs and MOUs that involve faculty and student exchanges, extended research visits, and information-sharing – in person and via video conference.
    One example of this is guest lecturing in each other’s classes, or holding joint classes, which then open up into a general discussion.
  • Master of Arts in Island Studies
    The Master of Arts in Island Studies (MAIS) at the University of Prince Edward Island is a unique, interdisciplinary, and policy-driven graduate program that critiques islands on their own terms. The MAIS program at UPEI – the first of its kind in the world – has expanded beyond the popular thesis program to offer a course- and work-study-based program that explores Island Tourism, Sustainable Island Communities, and International Relations.
    → Explore a collection of past and current MAIS student projects and research
  • Undergraduate Minor in Island Studies
    The interdisciplinary Minor in Island Studies at the University of Prince Edward Island allows students to study some of the specific characteristics of islands. Some courses focus on one island — Prince Edward Island — but that one island is understood within an international, comparative framework, among other small islands whose differences and similarities offer limitless lessons.

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