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This collection comprises an extensive list of reports and papers stemming from our work since our founding in 1985.
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Publications by colleagues and affiliates of the Institute of Island Studies, from 1978–present.

Publications by the Institute of Island Studies (independently or in collaboration) from 1987–present.

Institute Publications (1987–present)
Publications by the Institute of Island Studies (independent and collaborative).

Prince Edward Island Vital Signs 2019, a collaboration between the Community Foundation of Prince Edward Island and the Institute of Island Studies.

Institute of Island Studies and Department of Workforce and Advanced Learning. (2018) Recruiting Talent to PEI [Survey & Report].

Strategic plan of the Institute of Island Studies (2016-2021), May 2016.

Institute of Island Studies.(2009) The Importance of Positive Government-Governance Relations for Land Use and Management on Prince Edward Island.

Island Studies. (March 2007) Public Consultations on the PEI Museum System.

Institute of Island Studies. (June 2004) Towards a Smart Street: An Urban Design Approach to University Avenue by Mr. Shiban Raina. Public Comments and Questions Following the Presentation.

Institute of Island Studies. (September 2003) Environmental Policy Forum Summary: From a Public Forum Held Monday, September 22, 2003. All-party Panel: Gary Robichaud, NDP PEI; Chester Gillan, PC Party of PEI; Richard Brown, PEI Liberal Party.

Institute of Island Studies. (October 2000) Centre for the New Economy Business Plan.

Institute of Island Studies & Population Strategy ’99 Panel. (2000) A Place to Stay? The Report of the Prince Edward Island Population Strategy ’99.

Institute of Island Studies. (1999) Public Notice CRTC 1998: Submission to the CRTC Public Consultations on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Institute of Island Studies & Employment Strategy ’98 Panel. (1998) Securing our Future: An Employment Strategy for Prince Edward Island.

Institute of Island Studies. (1998) FINDING OUR NICHE: The Knowledge Economy and Prince Edward Island. Papers from a public forum held Monday, February 23, 1998.

Institute of Island Studies. (January 22, 1998) Brief to the Standing Committee on Social Development: On Amendments to the Human Rights Act.

Institute of Island Studies. (1996) Agriculture on PEI: Sunset Industry or Economic Cornerstone? Papers from a symposium held November 25, 1996.

Institute of Island Studies. (1996) Maritime Union: Is It a Good Idea for PEI? Papers from a symposium, February 27, 1996.

Institute of Island Studies. (1996) Looking Beyond the Periphery: Plenary Presentations from the 1996 SSHRC International Summer Institute by Barry Bartmann/David Milne, Tom Baum, Larry Felt, Lisa Lyck, Ray Andrews/Peter Friis/Larry Hammell, and Rob Greenwood/Mark Shrimpton.

Institute of Island Studies. (1988) FOCUS ON THE LAND: Preparing for the Royal Commission.

Institute of Island Studies. (1989) Focus on the Land: Preparing for the Royal Commission. (Illustrated fact sheet designed to inform the public about Island land issues.)

Institute of Island Studies. (1987) The Fixed Crossing and the Island: Bonanza or Boondoggle? Papers from a Public Forum Held October 8, 1986.



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