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Interim Chair
Institute of Island Studies Executive Committee

UNESCO Chair in Island Studies and Sustainability
Institute of Island Studies

Interim Co-ordinator
Master of Arts in Island Studies program and Undergraduate Island Studies Minor program, UPEI

Dr. Laurie Brinklow is a writer, editor, and former book publisher of Charlottetown’s Acorn Press. She is a member of the Graduate Faculty of the Master of Arts in Island Studies (MAIS) program at the University of Prince Edward Island. She is particularly interested in the power of place and story, and their impact on island identity.

A 2007 graduate of the MAIS program, she graduated with her PhD in Geography and Environmental Studies from University of Tasmania in 2015. A long-time “islophile,” Laurie was Publishing Co-ordinator with the Institute of Island Studies from 1990–2004 and helped coordinate the North Atlantic Islands Programme (1994-98), which led to the formation of the North Atlantic Forum. In 2015, she chaired the Building Community Resilience Conference (the 10th North Atlantic Forum and 27th Canadian Rural Restructuring Foundation annual conference) held in Summerside, and served on the steering committee of the international symposium, Building Small Island Resilience to Global Climate Change. She teaches “Islandness” in the Master of Arts in Island Studies (MAIS) program at the University of Prince Edward Island and is the alumni rep on the MAIS Steering Committee.

Dr. Brinklow is actively involved in ’Island Studies: A Global Classroom’, an initiative spearheaded by the MAIS program at UPEI. Through this initiative, the MAIS program has established linkages with other researchers and scholars from island universities throughout the world, encouraging and facilitating knowledge-sharing both in person and via video conference. Learn more

Dr. Brinklow is Secretary of the International Small Islands Studies Association (ISISA), a Board Member of the Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation (CRRF), and is an ex officio member of the Vinland Society of Prince Edward Island Executive Committee. She is also Iceland’s Honorary Consul to Prince Edward Island.

In 2018, Laurie was awarded the Hessian Merit Award for Excellence in Teaching by a Sessional Instructor at the University of Prince Edward Island.


My island’s the house I sleep in at night
Laurie Brinklow

Island Studies Press | 2021

Drawn from interviews with artists, writers, and musicians from Newfoundland and Tasmania, these poems capture what it means to be an islander. To know every rock and tickle, “the sea your road/the hole in the sky/your light to travel by.” 
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Brinklow, L. (2021). Institute of Island Studies: Contributing to Public Policy on PEI. Document summarizing the IIS’s contributions to climate change and environmental education and public policy on PEI.

Randall, J., Brinklow, L., & Chapman, M. (2021). Prince Edward Island (COVID-19 Island Insight Series, no 16). University of Strathclyde Centre for Environmental Law and Governance, University of Prince Edward Island Institute of Island Studies, and Island Innovation. – Click here to read | More about the COVID-19 Island Insights Series

Randall, J. E., Brinklow, L., & Chapman, M. (2021). Insular knowledge: Building a community of islands through knowledge mobilizationIn Imagining the future of Knowledge Mobilization: Perspectives from UNESCO Chairs (pp. 79-94). Canadian Commission for UNESCO.

Brinklow, L., with Whitten Henry, M. J. (2020). Island responses to COVID-19 (CRRF Rural Insights Series: COVID-19, no. 1.12)Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation. http://crrf.ca/ri-islands

Connor, H., Brinklow, L., & Fenech, A. (2020). An icy layer of isolation: Prince Edward Island’s sea-bound particularity. Shima, 14(1). – Click here to read


From cultural cringe to cultural confidence: The role of islandness in creating resilience
Researching Resilience in Islands | November 16–17, 2020
Hosted by Birbeck, University of London as part of the SUNRISE project. 
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OTOK Podcast | June 2020
S1E09 – Prince Edward Island and Laurie Brinklow

Laurie joins host Bojan Fürst to discuss her favourite subject: art and islands.
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