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PEI Well-Being Project (2021—ongoing)
An IIS research project comprising a survey and four-year study to better understand and assess the well-being and quality of life of Prince Edward Islanders, coordinated by Dr. Phil Davison.

Retention on PEI Survey (2021—ongoing)
An IIS research project beginning with a survey assessing current and former PEI residents’ thoughts about population mobility and retention on Prince Edward Island, coordinated by Laurie Brinklow and Jim Randall.


Values Mapping Research Project (2011)
An IIS research project that generated basic information on how geographic sites are most valued by residents and non-resident landowners, undertaken by Dr. Irene Novaczek and a team from UPEI.

Recent Settlers to Prince Edward Island (2005–2010)
A series of studies looking at recent settlers to Prince Edward Island.

Jurisdiction Project (2004–2007)
An exercise profiling the specific economic and political capacities of the world’s 100-plus, sub-national, island jurisdictions.

Small Business from Small Islands – The NISSOS Project (2003–2006)
Lessons from small-scale, export-driven, locally owned, manufacturing firms from 5 European Island Regions.

Canada’s Islands Database (2005)
Database of notable facts from Canada’s islands, compiled by Dr. Lorraine Guay (English translation by Sarah Joncas)

Base de données sur les Îles du Canada (2005)
Base de données sur les îles du canada, preparée par Dr. Lorraine Guay

Island Studies Resources (2001–2014)
An archived list of island-related research databases, primarily from 2001–2005.


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