North Atlantic Forum 2015

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Announcing North Atlantic Forum (NAF) 2015

10th North Atlantic Forum | 27th CRRF Rural Conference

Hosted by the Institute of Island Studies
in association with the Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation

Building Community Resilience: Innovation, Culture, and Governance in Place

Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Canada
September 17-18-19, 2015

NAF 2015 invites explorations of how various ‘dark horses’ in the broad North Atlantic – including minorities, small towns, peripheries, aboriginal communities, those with little money, status, voice or political leverage – can rise to the occasion and chart liveable futures.

NAF 2015 will examine opportunities for sustainable living that are more likely to emerge from small and peripheral communities – rural, coastal or island – that would otherwise struggle in a McWorld driven by scale economics.

North Atlantic Forum 2015 will serve as a platform for the critical and inter-disciplinary discussion of experiences where those living ‘on the edge’, however defined, show unexpected ingenuity and mettle; and respond cleverly to dire economic straits or public policy negligence. Including:

  • Politically, by developing suitable governance practices; flexing jurisdictional powers; and engaging in multi-level political and (para)-diplomatic relations;
  • Economically, by facilitating small-scale entrepreneurship; promoting investment; creating skill-rich jobs; encouraging inward and circular migration; and developing new forms of human-scaled, place-based, no-growth economies, sensitive to environmental needs;
  • Culturally, by nourishing strong communities that celebrate traditions and encourage artistic expression; sustaining suitable environmental practices; and welcoming newcomers in their rooted yet routed ways of life.

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