Bridging Islands: The Impact of “Fixed Links”

Bridging Islands:
The Impact of “Fixed Links”

Edited and with an Introduction by Godfrey Baldacchino

2007 | Acorn Press
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Introduction. Bridges & Islands: A Strained Relationship – Godfrey Baldacchino

1. Island Passages – Denis Cosgrove

2. Bridge Over Troubled Waters: The Fixed Link Debate on Prince Edward Island, 1885-1997 – Edward MacDonald

3. “Built for Going Away”: The Canso Causeway Epic, in Three Acts – Mike R. Hunter and Carol Corbin

4. Finding the Links: Structure and Agency on Twillingate and Fogo Islands – Deatra Walsh and Mark Jones

5. Two Islands in the Saint Lawrence River: One bridged; one unbridged – Lorraine Guay

6. Bridging the Florida Keys – Philip E. Steinberg

7. Tourism, Links, and Islandness off Florida’s Gulf Coast – Russell Fielding

8. Islands, Fixed Links, and The European Union – Jean-Didier Hache

9. The Bridge to Skye, Scotland – Ronald W. McQuaid and Malcolm Greig

10. Islands off the Irish Coast and the ‘Bridging Effect’ – Stephen A. Royle

11. Bridge Impacts on Islands off the West Coast of France – Céline Barthon

12. Living behind dikes and dams – Gerard A. Persoon and Huub de Jonge

13. Sweden, Islands and Bridges – Anders Källgård

14. ‘Central’ Singapore Island, ‘Peripheral’ Mainland Johor – Paul A. Barter

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