Small Business from Small Islands (2003–2006)

Small Business from Small Islands – The NISSOS Project

The NISSOS Project was a 3-year, pilot project identifying ‘best practice’ data collated from 10 successful, locally owned, export oriented, manufacturing firms from 5 island regions in Europe.


Compiled by Dr. Godfrey Baldacchino, University of Malta
In collaboration with 11 institutional partners and Malta Enterprise as lead partner

 Real Stories of 5 firms —
working with locally available raw materials
Real Stories of 5 firms —
working with high technology products
from AlandSnickarbodenConsilia
from IcelandLysiFrisk
from MaltaMdina GlassShireburn Software
from SaaremaaSaare PaatBaltic Workboats
from Scottish IslesShetland DesignerGaeltec

Links to NISSOS-based journal articles:

Baldacchino G. (2005) – ‘Successful Small Sale Manufacturing from Small Islands: Comparing Firms benefiting from Local Raw Material Input’, Journal of Small Business & Entrepreneurship, Vol. 18, No. 1, January, pp. 21-38.

Baldacchino G. (2005) – ‘Island Entrepreneurs: Insights from Exceptionally Successful Knowledge-Driven SMEs from 5 European Island Territories’, Journal of Enterprising Cultures, Vol. 13, No. 2, pp. 145-170.

Baldacchino G. (2005) – ‘Successful Small-Scale Manufacturing: A Comparative Assessment across Five European Island Regions’, Bank of Valletta Review (Malta), No. 31 (Spring), pp. 17-31.

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