About the IIS Research Associate Program

The Institute of Island Studies has an active Research Associates program.
The position of Research Associate is intended to establish a formal association between the Institute and outstanding scholars whose research is congruent with the Institute’s mandate.


Who are our Research Associates?

Institute of Island Studies (IIS) Research Associates are either: a) recognized scholars at a national or international level who have distinguished themselves, or b) emerging scholars who are poised to make substantive contributions, in the multidisciplinary field of island studies and/or the study of Prince Edward Island and who are not current employees of the University of Prince Edward Island.

What does the role entail?
The role of an IIS Research Associate is to:
  1. Enhance the reputation of the Institute;
  2. Provide expert advice to the Co-ordinator, the Chair of the Executive Committee, and the Executive and Advisory Committees on the future of island studies scholarship, pedagogy, and service; and
  3. Collaborate with the Institute on project-specific initiatives.

An IIS Research Associate is an honorific title and conveys no implied obligation on behalf of UPEI. Within the parameters of UPEI policies and labour agreements, the Institute will encourage IIS Research Associates to visit UPEI and Prince Edward Island during their term. The term is usually for five years and may be renewed following review and recommendation.

Privileges include office space and lab privileges at UPEI (as available); library privileges; UPEI computer network access; listing on our website; designation of “Institute of Island Studies Research Associate” on business cards from your home institution or organization; permission to use the IIS logo; and other privileges to be approved by the Executive following consultation with the Dean of Arts. 

Application process
If you are interested in becoming a Research Associate, please submit the attached application form to Institute of Island Studies Co-ordinator Dr. Laurie Brinklow, along with:
  • A cover letter outlining a list of proposed projects you wish to undertake as a Research Associate;
  • An updated CV; and
  • Five significant scholarly contributions.

Once submitted, applications are vetted by the IIS Executive Committee and forwarded for approval to the UPEI Dean of Arts and the UPEI Vice-President, Academic and Research.


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