Annual Report on Global Islands

The 21st Century Maritime Silk Road
Islands Economic Cooperation Forum

The Annual Report on Global Islands series is published by Island Studies Press in partnership with the Foreign Affairs Office of Hainan Province.

Released annually since 2017, the publication provides a summary and interpretation of the previous year’s The 21st Century Maritime Silk Road: Island Economic Cooperation Forum sessions, updated descriptions and interpretations of economic development on global islands, and chapters on the major issues and topics associated with island economic development written by international experts.

Executive-Editor-in-Chief: Prof. James Randall, University of Prince Edward Island


Annual Report on Global Islands 2021
Theme: the progress by island governments in addressing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as well as issues related to carbon neutrality, trade, and tourism.

Published April 2022

Annual Report on Global Islands 2020
Theme: Public health on small islands, the vulnerabilities and resilience associated with the public health systems, and the links to the rest of the world that both aggravate challenges and offer creative solutions.

Published April 2021

Annual Report on Global Islands 2019
Theme: Examining the role of international tourism and intermediary or producer services more generally for the sustainable development of islands.

Published July 2020

Annual Report on Global Islands 2018
Theme: Islands as centres of offshore finance, islands as free ports and free trade zones, and the importance of the ‘marine economy’ on and surrounding islands.

Published April 2019

Annual Report on Global Islands 2017
Theme: Better understanding island economies and the role that islanders play to make islands more sustainable and prosperous.

Published April 2018