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Dr. Claire Campbell

Professor of History
Bucknell University
Pennsylvania, USA

Environmental history

Dr. Claire Campbell is an environmental historian with particular interests in the Canadian Maritimes, Nordic region, and North Atlantic, its coastlines and coastal cities. She sees environmental history as making an important contribution to public history, environmental policy, and discussions of sustainability. She is Professor of History and Affiliated Faculty in Environmental Studies & Sciences at Bucknell University, Pennsylvania.


Shore/lines: Mapping Coastlines on Isle Saint-Jean (Niche Canada)
Part of a series on Canadian coastal histories, which considers intersections of nature and culture along the saline shores of the land and tidewaters currently known as Canada, the country with the world’s longest coastline. Click here to read

The Greater Gulf: Essays on the Environmental History of the Gulf of St. Lawrence 
Edited by Claire Campbell, Edward MacDonald, and Brian Payne
McGill-Queen’s University Press – Click here for more details and to purchase

> Excerpt from The Greater Gulf: “A window looking seaward” – Finding Environmental History in the Writing of L.M. Montgomery (Niche Canada)


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