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Island Studies is the global, comparative and interdisciplinary study of islands on their own terms.

The Institute of Island Studies is committed to contributing to the formulation and enhancement of public policy applied to small islands and, in particular, to Prince Edward Island. To that end, we use our resources to engage stakeholders on current and topical island issues via public symposia, lectures, policy papers, and research projects. We strive to be inclusive and take an objective, evidence-based approach to island issues, serving as a forum for collaboration and consensus among those with differing points of view. Learn more

The Institute of Island Studies also has an active Research Associate program. The position of Research Associate is intended to establish a formal association between the Institute and outstanding scholars whose research is congruent with the Institute’s mandate. Click here to learn more and to meet our Research Associates.


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Bridge Effects – the impact of bridges and other fixed links on islands when islands are thus connected to mainlands.

Canada’s Islands – database of notable facts from Canada’s islands, compiled by Dr. Lorraine Guay (English translation by Sarah Joncas)

Les Îles du Canada – base du données sur les îles du canada, preparée par Dr. Lorraine Guay

Jurisdiction Project – an exercise profiling the specific economic and political capacities of the world’s 100-plus, sub-national, island jurisdictions.

Cold Water Island Tourism – the character of tourism in the world’s most extreme island locations.

Islands and Small Businesses – lessons from small-scale, export-driven, locally owned, manufacturing firms from 5 European Island Regions.

Recent Settlers to Prince Edward Island – includes studies from 2005 to 2010 of recent immigrants to Prince Edward Island.

A World of Islands – a pan-disciplinary celebration of what island studies has to offer – intended as the first global reader on the study of islands.

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