Vital Signs Report / Rapport Signes vitaux (2019)

Vital Signs Report / Rapport Signes vitaux

This new report from the Institute of Island Studies at UPEI in partnership with the Community Foundation of PEI (CFPEI) provides a snapshot of the quality of life and well-being on Prince Edward Island. 
Vital Signs brings together publicly available research data, the analysis of subject experts, and focus group feedback from private, public, and not-for-profit sectors from different regions of the Island. The result is an easy-to-digest, comprehensive look at a wide range of interconnected topics from health to housing to education and the environment.  


Message from Jim Randall
Chair, Institute of Island Studies, University of Prince Edward Island

After more than thirty years, the Institute of Island Studies remains committed to its core mandate of encouraging a deeper understanding of PEI, serving as a bridge between the University and Island communities, and contributing to the formulation of our Island’s public policy. Our partnership with the CFPEI in producing this first Vital Signs PEI Report fits directly within that mandate. Although it is impossible to capture all of the voices and all of the data we encountered as we pulled these threads together, we hope that this is an accurate reflection of what we heard. It can serve as a roadmap for all of us as individuals and as organisations. After all, many of the best solutions come directly from the communities themselves.

At its core, this Report is about how Islanders view their own quality-of-life; what seems to be working and where we need to continue to focus our attention. The IIS is committed to its role as an ‘honest broker’ on the Island; committed to using the skills and experiences from the community and the University to better understand difficult issues, and committed to nudging us into making this a better place for all Islanders.

Message from Jonathan Ross
President, Board of Directors, Community Foundation of PEI

The Community Foundation of PEI (CFPEI) and the Institute of Island Studies (IIS) are extremely pleased to present PEI’s first full Vital Signs report.

Vital Signs is a national program that uses local knowledge to measure and reflect the vitality of communities. Vital Signs reports are unique in that they make data accessible to the general public on issues identified by the community itself as important. The reports serve as a catalyst for residents, communities, governments, organizations, educational institutions and others to increase civic engagement and public debate.

CFPEI has been in operation for over 20 years and currently manages 90 individual charitable funds with a value of over 12 million dollars. The findings in this report will help guide CFPEI’s granting efforts and help advance new partnerships with organizations working for the betterment of PEI residents and communities. The Foundation will continue the conversations we had with Islanders to create this report by holding information sessions and forming regional working groups. This report is not an end point but a starting point for CFPEI and others to work together to address issues and enhance the vitality of PEI communities.

Please let us know what you like and don’t like about this report, and what kind of data and/or information would be most valuable to you or your organization in affecting positive change. We will listen and adapt accordingly!  

More information is also available on the CFPEI website.


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