[New Publication] “Islandness: A COVID-19 Superpower?”

April 15, 2021—

MAIS student and IIS Interim Coordinator Marlene Chapman’s opinion piece, “Islandness: A COVID-19 superpower?”, was recently published in The Guardian. In this article, Marlene discusses the characteristics of islandness and how they have contributed to community resilience on Prince Edward Island – and in Atlantic Canada more broadly – in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

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NEWS: “Institute of Island Studies: Contributing to Public Policy on PEI”

April 14, 2021 —
The Institute of Island Studies’ Dr. Laurie Brinklow was recently invited to give a presentation to Dr. Carolyn Peach Brown‘s ENV-4010: Public Scholars on Environmental Issues class regarding the Institute and its contributions to environmental awareness and public policy on Prince Edward Island.

Dr. Brinklow’s presentation has been summarized in a document which outlines the many ways in which the Institute of Island Studies has contributed – and continues to contribute – to awareness and education regarding climate change and the environment, with public policy implications here on Prince Edward Island and around the world.

Complete with links to relevant publications, event recordings, and research projects, this document is a valuable resource for anyone seeking an overview of the Institute of Island Studies’ active role in environmental policy education and research.


New report from IIS Research Associate Graeme Robertson: One year timeline of COVID-19 pandemic impacting islands worldwide

February 10, 2021 —
New report from IIS Research Associate Graeme Robertson: One year timeline of COVID-19 pandemic impacting islands worldwide

IIS Research Associate Graeme Robertson has compiled a report titled One year timeline of COVID-19 pandemic impacting islands worldwide, which features over 600 articles documenting the impacts of COVID-19 on islands around the world from January 26, 2020 to February 10, 2021. The purpose of the report is to act as a resource enabling all those who are interested to undertake further research. 
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NEWS: Two UPEI Faculty Members Win Publication Award

Two UPEI Faculty Members Win SSHRC Exchange Publication Awards

June 29, 2020—

Two faculty members at the University of Prince Edward Island, Laurie Brinklow and Lori Mayne, have been awarded SSHRC Exchange Publication Awards. Two $5,000 awards are given out annually to support the publication of manuscripts written or edited by UPEI faculty in the social sciences and humanities.

Both of these books will be published by Island Studies Press in 2021. Island Studies Press would like to congratulate the award recipients and thank the University of Prince Edward Island for supporting faculty publications.

A photograph of Lori Mayne smiling

Lori Mayne‘s manuscript, co-authored with Mo Duffy-Cobb, is The Chemistry of Innovation: Regis Duffy and the Story of DCL, which shares the story behind one of Prince Edward Island’s most successful companies and brilliant entrepreneurs.

A photograph of Laurie Brinklow, simling

Laurie Brinklow‘s manuscript is a collection of poetry titled, My island’s the house I sleep in at night. Drawn from interviews with writers, artists, and musicians from Newfoundland and Tasmania, the manuscript weaves their words with her own poetic imaginings and explores the theme of ‘islandness’.

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