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Dr. Andrew Jennings

Institute for Northern Studies,
University of Highlands and Islands
Lerwick, Shetland, Scotland

UHI Profile

Dr. Andrew Jennings is a lecturer and research associate with the Institute for Northern Studies, University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI), and with the Centre for Rural Creativity, UHI. He lives in Shetland and carries out his teaching from his northern base via VC. He enjoys everything about life in this beautiful archipelago, from exploring its history and archaeology, to walking the dog and experiencing the wild Shetland weather. Living in Scotland’s most northerly islands, with their Nordic cultural inheritance, inspires his research and his teaching. He researches many aspects of Shetland and Orkney’s culture, and is the programme leader on a number of MLitts, including the MLitt Island Studies. His island studies interests include governance, tourism, island cultures and the nature of Islandness itself.

Dr. Andrew Jennings is actively involved in ’Island Studies: A Global Classroom’, an initiative spearheaded by the Master of Arts in Island Studies (MAIS) program at UPEI. Through this initiative, the MAIS program has established linkages with other researchers and scholars from island universities throughout the world, encouraging and facilitating knowledge-sharing both in person and via video conference. Learn more


Jennings, A. (2021). ‘Norse and North Island Literary Cultures’. In K. A. Burnett et al. Scotland and Islandness: Explorations in Community, Economy and Culture (Bern, forthcoming)

Jennings, A. (2020). Shetland (COVID-19 Island Insight Series, no 5). University of Strathclyde Centre for Environmental Law and Governance, University of Prince Edward Island Institute of Island Studies, and Island Innovation. – Click here to read | More about the COVID-19 Island Insights Series

Jennings, A. (2020). ‘The Potential Viking Stronghold at the Kame of Isbister’. In Proceedings of the Eighteenth Viking Congress 2017 (Copenhagen)

Jennings, A. (2020). ‘Folklore between the Northern and Western Isles.’ In A.MacDonald (ed.) Between Islands (An Lanntair)


Living Heritage Podcast | March 2021
Ep. 201: Shetland History and Folklore with Dr. Andrew Jennings

Click here to listen | More details via UHI website

VIDEO: Hebrideans in the Viking Sagas
October 2020 | Virtual event hosted by Museum & Tasglann nan Eilean
Click here to watch

VIDEO: Islands and COVID-19 Recovery Plans: Promoting Resilience and Sustainability Virtual Panel and Discussion

Andrew Jennings was one of our panelists at this Virtual Hub event in September 2020, where representatives from islands around the world shared lessons on how islands are demonstrating resilience as they respond to COVID-19 and discussed the challenges and opportunities that communities are navigating around the world and right here on PEI.

(Skip to 42:42 to hear Andrew speaking about pandemic responses in the Scottish Highlands and Islands)


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